Tobermory Limited Edition Hebridean Mountain Gin

Alcohol by Volume
43.3% ABV
Natural Colour
Chill Filtering
Non-Chill Filtered

The first limited edition gin from Tobermory, our Mountain Gin is smooth, rich and gently sweet.  With a clean juniper base and infused with tea and wild heather grown on the Isle of Mull, this has a warming spice and a rounding sweetness of rosehip and citrus.



Tasting Notes

An initial burst of refreshing lemon followed by sweet juniper, and a slight hint of coriander and spice.
Rich creamy mouthfeel, sweet lemon infused rosehip with a bitter balance of Rowan berry, floral hints of heather and a warming ginger spice.
Lemon and rowan berry linger, but are rounded with the sweetness of rosehip and a gentle ginger spice.

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