Tobermory has a captivating charm that is simply unique. The same is true of our whisky. Each cask we create breathes the very essence of our island as it rests; the swirling mists, the salt of the sea, the centuries of myths and legends. To taste our whisky is to taste Tobermory.

And it’s not just the idyllic location that makes it special, Tobermory Distillery also produce two different, but equally alluring, single malts: the fruity, non-peated Tobermory and the more robust and smoky Ledaig.

Everything we make is an expression of the rich palate that our Hebridean home provides.

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Inspired by the expressive nature of Mull, we add a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills to create a unique character.

Distilled on the island with a rich palate of hand-selected botanicals including juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, sweet orange peel, and just a little bit of knowledge from our 220 years of history.

Our gin is now award winning!  We are delighted to have won the title of Best Scottish Classic Gin at the World Gin Awards. We fought off stiff competition to win the category’s top prize, despite launching only six months ago!

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Sitting in the centre of the vibrant island community, from which we take our name, we are a thriving, expressive and unique distiller, true to our idyllic Hebridean home.

It is always a privilege to welcome new friends to our distillery and share our world with them. Discover our tours and experiences here.


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As our distillery and visitor centre enter an exciting epoch, we invite all creative characters, who share in our passion for the art of distillation, to join us at ink. and enjoy our new, exclusive, member only benefits.

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