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Tobermory 2008 Red Wine Cask Matured

ABV 57.70%
Category Tobermory Whisky
At 14 years old Tobermory hits a point of perfection in any cask type, but in the red wine casks it really found the perfect balance of distillery character; orange and candied citrus with the flavours of red wine providing an extra layer of depth and complexity - the red wine casks give a thick mouthfeel with notes of blackcurrant jam and cocoa

£ 110.00
Tobermory 2008 Red Wine Cask Matured
£ 110.00

A classic Tobermory packed full of fresh orange peel and subtle oak, with bursts of dark berries and grapes. Notes of vanilla weave their way through the dram with a hint of honey.

Tasting Notes


Vintage Oak


Initial notes of tangy grapes, dark berries and sweet malt fade to reveal a burst of orange and marzipan


Thick honey, figs, raisins and blackcurrant jam are met with gentle oak and a shaving of dark chocolate intertwined with candied citrus and vanilla


Sweet dryness with lingering notes of orange peel

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