Cookie Policy


Distell Group Ltd, in the same way as many other online services, uses ‘cookies’ to store and at times track information about you.

Cookies are very small files that are stored on your computer/mobile/tablet. They are sent back and forth between the website’s server and your Internet browser to allow the website to remember actions you’ve made.

We use cookies and other local storage means to help improve the performance of this website, measuring web traffic and tracking user journeys to identify what pages and topics are of specific interest to you. We also use a security cookie to identify our website’s developers. Most of these only contain randomly generated numbers, and cookies cannot carry viruses or install malware on your computer.

Most major websites use cookies and their use is standard on the Internet. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can change your settings so that you are notified whenever you are sent a cookie, or block them completely should you wish to do this.

Please note, some services are only activated by the presence of a cookie and if you choose not to utilise this, a particular online feature may not work as intended.


Google Analytics

Cookies: _utma; _utmb; _utmc; _utmz
Expiry: 2 years; 30 minutes; when you quit your browser; 6 months (respectively)
Purpose: These cookies collect information about how our visitors use this site. This data is collected anonymously, and is used to help improve this website’s functionality. For more information, see Google Analytic’s page on safeguarding your data.

Expression Engine

Expression engine is the software that this website is built on. It sets the following cookies:

Expiry: End of session.
Purpose: Contains the last 5 pages viewed. Typically used for form or error message returns.

Expiry: 1 year.
Purpose: Date of the user’s last visit. Can be shown as a statistic for members and could be used by a forum to show unread topics for both members and guests.

Expiry: 1 year.
Purpose: Records the time of the last page load. Used in conjunction with the last_visit cookie.

Expiry: End of session.
Purpose: Allows the site to display pages to users based on the date of birth entered into the age verification page.


This website uses a third party widget by TripAdivsor. Use of this widget means you accept TripAdvisor’s Cookie Policy.

This policy is separate from Distell’s and can be viewed on TripAdvisor’s website.

TripAdvisor reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time, with or without notice.


Most Internet browsers allow users to control the acceptance of cookies via the browser’s settings. Visit to find out how to configure these settings on a number of major browsers.

You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites by installing Google’s opt-out browser add-on.