Warehouse 1: 2012 Tobermory Bourbon Barrel

Alcohol by Volume
57.8% ABV
Natural Colour
Chill Filtering
Non-Chill Filtered

Usually only available as part of our Warehouse 1 Visitor Experience this Tobermory 2012 Bourbon barrel is a zesty and vibrant dram.  Taken straight from the cask and hand filled by the team at the distillery , this is not one to miss.


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This Tobermory 2012 bourbon barrel is our latest release to the Warehouse at the distillery. The whisky is of course natural colour, cask strength (57.8% vol) and non chill filtered for maximum flavour and mouthfeel. A zesty and vibrant dram, complex and woody on the nose. There are hints of light honey. Adding a touch of mineral water reveals a dry, herbal, fresh dry ginger taste. There is the slight hint of salt throughout – a nod to our Hebridean coastal setting.  Green apples with a touch of cinnamon and spice on the finish.

Our Warehouse 1 Experience allow our visitors to the distillery to taste our whisky straight from the cask. This 2012 bourbon cask highlights the work of our spirit team and the care, time and investment that has gone into our whisky making from grain to maturation.


Warehouse 1 Tobermory 2012 Bourbon Cask – October 2020 Release

AYS:                     04/04/12. Spring Distillation

Cask Number:    706

Bottled:               06/11/20     Hand filled @ Tobermory Distillery (8 years)

Our hand filled Warehouse 1 whiskies:

These are single cask bottlings, very limited in number, selected by our Master Blender and our visitor team.  Once the cask is emptied, unfortunately it is never to be repeated!

Please note, this whisky is hand filled by our visitor team straight from the cask.  As the whisky is not filtered, you might find particles in the liquid, which are entirely natural from the whisky maturation process and the cask, e.g. pieces of charcoal from the charring of the cask.   

The whisky is sold as is and no refunds will be given as a result of this process.  In addition, we will not be responsible should the whisky be held in customs. 

Tasting Notes

Straw, light yellow
Mineral, woody (vanilla), light honey, dry ginger
Dry, salty raisins/caramel, citrus, fresh mint cake, zesty & vibrant, crisp
Heat from from the cask strength alcohol, salt, a hint of cinnamon and pepper

Our distillery produces the Tobermory gin and two distinct single malts: a non-peated Tobermory and a heavily-peated Ledaig. The two malts are produced using the same stills, wash backs, mash tuns and the same process water but the two are totally different in character due to the malted barley used.

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