‘On the Ledaig Smoke Trail’ Wee Dram Pack

A perfect gift for any peated whisky fan, we’ve filled this wee dram pack with some of our favourite Ledaig whisky, including our most recent Ink club release.


If you’re a smoky whisky fan, then this is the perfect tasting pack for you!  Containing some of our favourite peated Ledaig whisky, including our latest release for our Ink club, as well as a wee dram of our signature Tobermory 12 year old, enjoy five 3cl drams of:

  • Ledaig New Make Spirit
  • Ledaig 10 year old
  • Ledaig 10 year old Bordeaux Matured (Limited Edition)
  • Ledaig 12 year old 2008 Marsala Finish (Ink Release)
  • Tobermory 12 year old

Creative characters welcome

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