Ledaig 1997 Manzanilla Finish

Alcohol by Volume
52.9% ABV
Natural Colour
Chill Filtering
Non-Chill Filtered

This limited edition whisky was first distilled & filled into whisky refill hogsheads on the 30th December 1997 before being transferred into Manzanilla casks on the 25th May, 2016.

This peated expression delivers beautiful flavours of powerful peat smoke, sweet dried fruit, caramel, chocolate and pepper, with a lingering salty finish.

Limited to 1553 bottles, this is not one to miss!


Tasting Notes

Amber gold
Citrus, dried fruit, creamy caramel, vanilla, rich oak and dark spicy pepper.
Lingering sweet dried fruit, hints of caramel and chocolate, developing into a smoky pepperiness.
Lingering sweet fruit and smoke.
Alcohol by volume
52.9% abv

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