Ink Winter Release 2020: Ledaig 2008 Marsala Finish

Alcohol by Volume
58.1% ABV
Natural Colour
Chill Filtering
Non-Chill Filtered

Our second Ink members exclusive release is a delicious smoky 12 year old Ledaig finished in Italian Marsala wine casks.


For our Winter 2020 Ink Loyalty release we have selected Ledaig 2008 Marsala Finish, 12 years old. As we head into the depths of winter what better than for sweet peat smoke to keep away the chills.

Our Ledaig releases have quietly building a strong reputation amongst peated whisky fans, with its clean, sweet barely sugar, citrus and intense smoke flavours. Our Winter Ink release has been resting in the dry/sweet Italian fortified Marsala wine casks for two years which has elevated its character to another level.

The sea shore peat smoke balanced with walnuts, sweet fruit pastries, butterscotch and an underlying lemon citrus.  Bottled at cask strength, and natural colour, our Master Blender has chosen these casks specially for the second release for our Ink members, which has been hand bottled by the team at the distillery.


Ink Loyalty Winter 2020 Release –  Ledaig 2008 Marsala Finish, 12 years old

AYS:                       29/01/08   Winter Distillation

Cask Numbers:    912 – 914

Bottled:                  Hand Filled at the Distillery (12 years)


Tasting Notes

Yellow Gold
Scorched caramel, honeyed nuts, butterscotch, candied fruit balanced with black pepper and a light herbal spice.
Subtle wood spice with notes of barley, walnuts, fruit pastries and an underlying lemon citrus. Hints of smoke and liquorice come through at the back.
Warming finish with bonfire embers, poached pears and a hint of bitter citrus.

Our distillery produces the Tobermory gin and two distinct single malts: a non-peated Tobermory and a heavily-peated Ledaig. The two malts are produced using the same stills, wash backs, mash tuns and the same process water but the two are totally different in character due to the malted barley used.

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