Mull Rally Comes to Tobermory Distiller

The Mull rally is a unique fixture in the UK motorsport calendar and this year celebrates its 45th birthday. This year’s rally weekend runs from 10th – 12th October and will kick off at Tobermory Distillery on Friday morning.

The rally weekend is one of the busiest of the year for the island and its inhabitants. Hundreds of competitors, officials and spectators flock to the Island to take part in this legendary event. At 9am on Friday morning, the scrutineering begins in the distillery courtyard; 150 rally cars are put through intense safety checks to ensure they’re fit for competing.

While Rally Officials scrutinise each individual car, spectators are welcomed and whisky enthusiasts encouraged. The Rally begins at 7pm from Ledaig Car Park and takes our visitors around the island in 3 stages.

This jam packed weekend takes in all the best views our beautiful island has to offer and the welcome our visitors receive is second to none.

Luckily there’s also a dram to be had in the Tobermory Distillery Visitor Centre and good food at the neighbouring bar & bistro MacGochan’s.

If you’re heading to Mull this rally weekend, make sure you pay us a visit!

Book your distillery tour now on 01688 302647.

And, check out the home of great local food & live music at Macgochans Tobermory.

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