Ledaig 42

Ledaig 42 Year Old Dusgadh

Ledaig 42

Our 42 Year Old Dusgadh (meaning awakening in Scots Gaelic) is our rarest and oldest Ledaig ever released.  With a stunning chestnut colour, and Oloroso sherry influence, this luxurious dram has retained a higer intensity of smoky notes than any aged Island Malt our Senior Blender has come across. 

This exceptional 42 year old Ledaig Limited Edition is known as Dusgadh - meaning 'awakening' in Scot's Gaelic.  The 'Awakening' is in reference to the long, dormant period of maturation and celebrates the release of the first Ledaig spirit distilled in 1972.  

The liquid was distilled using peated barley and laid to rest in a variety of hogshead and butts in our warehouse on the Isle of Mull.  In 2001, our 1972 vintage was transferred to high-quality Gonzales Byass Oloroso sherry casks for a further 5 years, within which it has developed into this rich, smoky tast eruption of sweet nectar.

Unchill-filtered @ 46.7% ABV.  Natural colour.




Rich and complex, intense phenolic sherry aromas, sooty smokiness, fragrant wood, toffee apple, briny with some sweet biscuit maltiness.


Quite dry evolving to a rich smoky Oloroso sherry character. Massive complex layers of dark chocolate, coffee and cherry liqueurs, extremely smooth, well balanced with spicy ginger and black peppercorn overtones.


Dry, smooth and spicy, satisfying and very long with a salty smoky tail.