Ledaig 1998 Pedro Ximenez cask finish

Ledaig 1998 (19 YO) Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish

Ledaig 1998 Pedro Ximenez cask finish

Distilled in the summer of 1998, this enticing Ledaig Limited Edition, spent 18 years maturing in traditional oak whisky casks, before being selected by our Senior Blender, for finishing in some newly acquired PX sherry casks. The result is a 19YO Single Malt, with a depth of flavour and colour which betrays its almost 2 years of finishing, in  casks which once matured one of the sweetest sherry varietals.

As our distillery’s peated variant, Ledaig is a perfect partner for our Senior Blender’s selection of Pedro Ximénex casks. The marrying of the quintessential rich, smoky character of our Ledaig Single Malt, and the classic sticky sweetness of the Pedro Ximénex Sherry, imparted from the casks which once matured them, is a delicious fusion of black pepper, sticky toffee, and a bitter dark chocolate orange.

Non-chillfiltered @ Cask Strength 55.7% abv


Deep amber gold


Toffee, chocolate orange, with raisins, figs, rich sweet dried fruit and a peppery smoky background


Sweet syrupy mouth feel, hints of creamy toffee, dark chocolate orange, berries, vanilla and rich oak, developing into a sweet velvety smokiness


Long and lingering with hints of sweet toffee and black pepper