Ledaig 13 amontillado cask finish

Ledaig 13 Year Old Amontillado Cask Finish

Ledaig 13 amontillado cask finish

This limited edition Ledaig has a complex sweet and savoury flavour, combining our peated spirit from the Isle of Mull with the sherried sweetness from Amontillado casks from the Montilla region of Spain.  

A peppery, smoky Ledaig laced with smooth, rich fruit and caramel flavours. It’s a take on a classic you’ll love just as much.

Non-chillfiltered @ Cask Strength 59.2% ABV.


Caramel Gold


Rich, sumptuous caramel and delicate fruit interspersed with lively notes of pepper and smoke.


Gentle dried fruits and caramel flavours that give way to notes of classic Ledaig pepperiness, subtle salt and comforting spice.


Lingering smoke and a salt sea air tang.